Eating Enough Whole Grain?

Despite the nutritional benefits, many of us fail to eat much or any whole grain.

Try to eat whole grains every day

Most of us know it’s important to eat at least five portions of fruit and veg every day. Most people are unsure how much whole grain per day to consume, and many don’t know that we should be eating more wholegrains to keep us healthy too!

There’s no specific quantified recommendation for whole grain consumption in the UK; we’re just advised to ‘choose whole grain where possible’. But in the US at least 48g per day is recommended for adults, which is the equivalent of three slices of whole meal bread. Based on the US recommendation, national diet and nutrition surveys reveal that the UK aren’t eating enough whole grains, as average consumption is only about 20g per day for adults and 13g per day for children. And about a sixth of UK adults and children don’t eat any whole grains at all!

What does a serving of whole grain look like?

Take our whole grain 3-a-day challenge and try to eat three servings of whole grains every day. Here’s a rough guide to what one whole grain serving (16g) looks like:

3 heaped tbsps whole grain breakfast cereal

1 heaped tbsp uncooked porridge oats

1 medium slice wholemeal bread

1 small wholemeal roll

2 oatcakes

1/2 wholemeal pitta bread

1 small whole wheat tortilla

1/2 wholemeal scone

2 rye crispbreads

1/2 wholemeal savoury muffin

1/2 wholemeal bagel

2 heaped tbsps cooked brown rice

2 heaped tbsps cooked wild rice

3 heaped tbsps cooked brown pasta

3 cups popped popcorn